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  • Searching for a Facebook Customer Service Number?

    Scam alert!

    Searching for a Facebook Customer Service Number?

    Have you ever searched for a customer service number online? NPR's All Tech Considered while working on a story decided to search for Facebook Customer Service. Prominently displayed at the top of the Google search results was a phone number. That number will get you a person but not from Facebook.

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  • Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

    Who isn't!

    Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

    Check out this "urban legend"!

    There's a rumor going around that there is a shipment of bananas out there that is contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria!

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  • Privacy, A Scary Reality...

    They're tracking you.

    Privacy, A Scary Reality...


    - Just about everything you do on the web is tracked by others.
    - The "Patriot Act" can be used to track what you do at the library.
    - When you use a money card other people can track your transactions.

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  • The D Word

    Sounds familiar?

    The D Word

    A savings plan is worthless if it doesn't work hand-in-hand with a budget!

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